Terms of Website Use

This Website is operated by Paka’s Pearls & Co., Ltd. (“Paka’s Pearls”), or its agents.
These Terms of Use constitute the agreement (the “Agreement”) that will govern your use of this Paka’s Pearls  Website (this “Website”). This Website is available for your use only on the condition that you agree to these Terms of Use. Paka’s Pearls reserves the right to change these terms from time to time at its sole discretion. By using this Website after any such change, you agree to comply with, and be bound by, the terms as changed.

Limitation of Liability

  • While Paka’s Pearls closely monitors the contents of this Website, Paka’s Pearls and the information provider shall not be liable for any errors in the contents, or any trouble, damage, or loss resulting from the use of the Website contents.
  • Paka’s Pearls and the information provider shall also not be liable for any damage resulting from use of defective contents submitted by customers such as missing text, erroneous data, illegible text, etc., not caused by Paka’s Pearls.
  • The customer assumes all risk and responsibility for the use of this Website. Paka’s Pearls shall not be liable for any trouble, damage, or loss resulting from the use of this Website or any other website linked from this Website.
  • At any time, and without notice, Paka’s Pearls may change, suspend or cancel any information carried on this Website.

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Links to Other Websites

If you wish to place a link to another website within this Website, contact Paka’s Pearls to obtain approval. Paka’s Pearls reserves the right to refuse the placement of links depending on the content of the linked website or link method.

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  • Product photos and visuals shown on the Website are as accurate as possible. However, they may not be identical to the actual products in terms of color and/or size depending on computer monitor settings and photo techniques.
  • The Website does not feature all Paka’s Pearls merchandise. Among the merchandise featured on this Website, some, such as bridal jewelry and high jewelry, may not be available for sale online.

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Intellectual Property Rights

The rights to all materials on this Website are owned by Paka’s Pearls. Excluding rights of individuals recognized by Cook Islands copyright law such as personal use, the materials on this Website may not be used, transferred, copied, modified, etc., without the express consent of Paka’s Pearls. If, however, certain materials are bound by specified copyright conditions, those conditions will take precedence. The name and mark MIKIMOTO, the Paka’s Pearls logos, and all other Paka’s Pearls -related product names depicted in this Website, whether registered or unregistered, are trademarks or service marks of Paka’s Pearls & Co., Ltd. Their unapproved use is forbidden.

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Privacy Policy

To enhance the website usage experience, personal data may be collected in a legally sanctioned manner using cookies and access logs. For properly using and protecting collected personal data, we have established a policy for protecting personal data* and constantly undertake appropriate measures for maintaining the accuracy and privacy of any personal data we gather. We have also taken all reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access to the collected data to ensure that the information is kept private.
Excluding the following situations, Paka’s Pearls will not use collected personal data beyond the originally stated purposes.
– The user’s permission is obtained.
– The information is altered to disable recognition or identification of individual users.
– A legal order is received to provide data to legal authorities, etc.
Unless required by law, Paka’s Pearls will not disclose personal data to a third party without the consent of the user.
*For details on Paka’s Pearls privacy policy, refer to “Privacy Policy” in this Website.
This Website uses cookies to track usage by private users so that Paka’s Pearls may improve its services and enhance your Paka’s Pearls experience. These cookies do not violate the privacy of customers and do not negatively affect customers’ computers. For details regarding the setup of browsers, etc., please inquire directly with the software publishers.

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System Requirements

The following browsers or newer versions are recommended for viewing this Website: Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 4.0, Chrome 12, Safari 5.5

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Restrictions on Use

It is forbidden to conduct any actions via this Website that may cause harm, damage, dishonor or discredit, and/or violate the privacy, etc., of Paka’s Pearls or any third party. It is also forbidden to conduct any actions that violate or may violate any law, regulation or ordinance. Any other action deemed inappropriate by Paka’s Pearls is also forbidden.

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Jurisdiction, Choice of Law, and Arbitration

The Website can be accessed from countries worldwide. However, both the customers accessing this Website and Paka’s Pearls mutually agree to be bound by the laws of the Cook Islands on all matters related to the usage of this Website. Unless there are no other special overriding provisions, the Cook Islands District Court will have jurisdiction over any controversy or claim arising out of the use of this Website.